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Privacy Policy

Compare Business Electricity manages this site.

We are committed to maintaining the utmost levels of security and privacy for your personal information. We guarantee that every necessary precaution is taken to protect your data. Our server only recognises your IP address, operating system, browser language, browser type, and the domain name of the website from which you accessed our site, as well as the date and time of your visit.

Any search query information that we collect is used solely to generate statistics regarding how people use our service and will not be linked to search query data with the user's identity. We track which terms are used by visitors, but we do not track which terms a specific user selects.

We may occasionally communicate with individuals who provide us with their email addresses, but we will always offer a link to unsubscribe from our list of emails.

Ad Servers: To provide unique discounts that might be of interest, we have contracts with third parties permitted to advertise on our site. Ad server businesses may collect information about your clickstream, IP address, and domain type during your visit to our website.

Some of our partners who provide or enable any technical feature on our site may also collect similar information from you. Compare Business Electricity is not liable for the privacy policies of these third-party partners. In addition, any website link you click on from our site is operated by businesses outside of our influence. These sites may use cookies to identify individuals and gather data and gather personally identifiable information from them.

We are not responsible for such websites' content or privacy policies, including whether or not the information is collected when users click over to these sites. We also recommend that you review their privacy policies carefully. Occasionally, we may use client information for purposes beyond those stated in our privacy statement. If we make any changes to our information policies, we will post the adjustments on our website so that users are notified and given the option to opt out of the new uses. You should routinely check our website if you're concerned about how your data is used.

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